What’s My Motivation?

Contrary to popular belief, I actually think the quality of videogame storytelling is going up. Sure, you do have those lazy games that slap cliché Hollywood nonsense into their plots for no reason, but you also have games that question the nature of the protagonist (Bioshock), the morality of the protagonist (The… »1/31/14 7:07am1/31/14 7:07am


Could This Be the Last Generation of Consoles?

The first game console was the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. The Sega CD was the first to have a disc drive, back in 1991, and the Dreamcast was the first to have online gaming back in 1999. A bit more recently, Nintendo tried out touchscreens in 2004 and motion controls in 2006, and then game console innovation pretty… »1/30/14 10:00am1/30/14 10:00am

FoolproofAdam’s Five Favourite (and Five Least Favourite) Gaming Moments of 2013

Just before the year ends, I thought I would look back and pick out my favourite gaming moments from the last 12 months. I haven't been able to play all the biggest releases this year, so I'm just going to be including games that I've played. I'm not including games that I've completed more than once however (I… »12/31/13 7:08am12/31/13 7:08am